Docco Fork – All JS, all the time

EDIT: My fork is no longer needed. The folks at docco saw the same thing, and recently ported over the library to use highlight.js.

I love documentation generators for code. You know what I’ve talking about to – something which gives you a split screen of the code and the comments, side by side, for easy reading and scrolling. Like jasmine uses for their documentation:

Since I’ve mostly been working in JavaScript lately, I’ve been looking for something to help document the packages I create easily.

In comes docco. A CoffeeScript + Python library to help generate good-looking documentation from comments in your code.

However, one thing bothered my about this project – the python part. Docco uses a python library to highlight the syntax. There are plenty of decent syntax highlighters out there – why not use one written in a JavaScript flavor?

So I decided to fork docco and plugin a decent highlighter.

Pretty happy with the results. You can check out the fork here.


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