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Portfolio Spotlight on Pathbrite = Cool?

I’ve recently created a portfolio on Pathbrite. If you haven’t heard of Pathbrite, they are a company aiming to:

Collect, organize and share a lifetime of learning and achievement.

I think this section of their mission statement sums up how they are relevant to working professionals.

… employers rely on our Pathbrite Portfolio Platform to get a holistic view of candidates, and to better evaluate their readiness for and organizational fit to the opportunity at hand.

How does it work? The sites allows you to import data (from LinkedIn and other sites) as well as other documents (such as images and PDFs) and lay them out in whatever manner you see fit. It can also import websites you’ve written as well. It’s a great tool for a web software developer to showcase what they’re about.

The link to the article:


Australian vs US Coffee Terms Comparison

This took me a while to figure out when I first moved to Australia. I still remember the look on the barista’s face when I tried to order an Americano, and then the absolute puzzlement over what the hell a flat white vs a long black was.

I hope this helps other visitors to Australia from the US order a decent cup of coffee!

Description Australian Name US Name
A shot of espresso. Short Black Expresso
A shot of espresso mixed with hot water. Long Black Americano
A shot of espresso topped with milk froth. Macchiato
A cup of hot milk with a shot of expresso poured in. Macchiato
A shot of espresso with steamed milk. Flat White Latte No Foam
A shot of espresso with steamed milk and a little milk froth. Latte Latte
A shot of espresso with steamed milk, milk froth, and cocoa powder. Mocha Mocha
A shot of espresso with half steamed milk, half milk froth. Cappuccino Cappuccino
A shot of espresso with cold milk and ice cream. Iced Coffee
A cup of drip coffee over ice. Iced Coffee