Esvalidate Library – Standalone Validation Library Using Esprima

I spent a good bit of time working on the Esvalidate code that comes with Esprima, trying to get it to work smoothly with my sublime plugin. After submitting a massive pull request to the author of Esprima, and our reviewing my code, we came to a conclusion – the new code was better served in its own library.

It’s still in its early stages, but please check out the progress I’m making here:

Esvalidate Library


Esprima Plugin for Sublime Text

In relation to my previous posts confessing my love for sublime, and my enjoyment of Esprima, here is some code that showcases both:

An Esprima plugin for Sublime Test!

This has been included in the official list of Sublime Plugins. So you can install this from Sublime using Packages Control.

Sublime Text – Esprima Plugin Screenshot


Sublime Text has rapidly become my favorite text editor. Cross platform, easy to use, great feature set. The Command Palette feature, where you can search for a feature without having to know where it is in the application, is an piece of usability brilliance.

Somebody cobbled together a great step-by-step set of directions on how to install sublime on ubuntu. I wanted to give a shout-out to them and their work.

How to install Sublime Text 2 on Ubuntu 12.04 (Unity) | Technoreply.